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"The world always seems brighter when you just made something that wasn't there before"

- Neil Gaiman



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I’m a painter of all things, but I really enjoy creating natural scenes and capturing the beauty in people. I have had a paint brush in my hand since I was a toddler. I know that artists find their creative voice at all different stages in life. For me, I knew from the very beginning that this is what I was made to do. It took a bit longer to come to the realization that I was also created to share this gift by teaching others. It's a blessing to encourage other artists and give them the tools they need to paint work that they are proud of.

- Ali

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Adrienne’s Story Of Discovering Her New Passion For Painting

As I make the final preparations to launch the Tribe on January 31st, I thought I'd take some time to reflect on just how far so many of my students from around the world have already come. It has been so amazing to see how they have found confidence and passion they didn't even know they had. One ... READ the POST

Is It Okay For Artists To Copy?

A conversation about finding your way and growing your skills. I wanted to share with you an email I recently received from a student. It brings up a sensitive topic that I think needs some discussion. I'm changing the name of this student because it is a bit personal so we are going to call ... READ the POST

Easter Worship Painting

Sharing the message through art Easter Sunday was a really special day. Our home church The Mission Chattanooga is now meeting in person at outdoor worship services. This just started recently after a year of only coming together virtually. Being together has an extra special meaning because ... READ the POST

I created a worship painting during our Easter Service at The Mission Chattanooga. It was powerful sharing the gospel through art.

Women I Am Grateful For In Business And Life

It feels especially important during these uncertain times to take a moment and reflect on the incredible women who have helped me and my art business in immeasurable ways. Terry Eldridge The very first person who I want to tell you about is Terry Edridge of Zenso Creative. I truly believe ... READ the POST

I am grateful for these women and how they have supported me and my career.

Technology for Painters?

Why you need more than brushes and paint to create! I think most painters would rather be behind the easel than the screen, right? I totally get it. If you are a right brained, tactile creator like me, you are probably used to coming up with an an idea in your head and then figuring out ... READ the POST

How I use technology to create better paintings.

My Favorite Painting Surfaces

What do you like to paint on? The surface you choose is more important than you might think! You may already know that I have been painting my whole life. I took every art class I could find and I even majored in fine art in college. This means I've done a whole lot of painting on a ... READ the POST

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