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"The world always seems brighter when you just made something that wasn't there before"

- Neil Gaiman



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I’m a painter of all things, but I really enjoy creating natural scenes and capturing the beauty in people. I have had a paint brush in my hand since I was a toddler. I know that artists find their creative voice at all different stages in life. For me, I knew from the very beginning that this is what I was made to do. It took a bit longer to come to the realization that I was also created to share this gift by teaching others. It's a blessing to encourage other artists and give them the tools they need to paint work that they are proud of.

- Ali

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Rediscovering Her Love For Art

Bambi's Story I am a mixed media artist and elementary art teacher. I have a studio in my home in Roseville, California. I have loved art my whole life. I didn’t always have the pleasure of doing art as a career, so I am extremely blessed to be able to do what I love while also raising a family. ... READ the POST

Give Your Gift

Create art to bless others. This is my favorite kind of work to create! I think the paintings that I make to surprise my friends and family are often my best paintings. There is a freedom in knowing that I'm not working for a client or designing a class sample for students. I'm just painting to ... READ the POST

My Favorite Brushes

Buy your brushes in bulk. I suggest these! Many of you have asked me what brushes I use and what to look for in a brush. I buy mine in bulk! I actually buy this classroom pack of brushes by Royal Langnickel. They are available here from Blick Art Supplies. I believe a new cheap brush is always ... READ the POST

Don’t Be Afraid of Contrast

Let the dark areas of your painting be dark and your light areas be really light. Creating dramatic contrast makes a painting feel more real and has life to it. This is why I will often turn up the contrast in my reference photo using a filter before I begin painting. When I start out a painting, ... READ the POST

Whites aren’t White!

I would say the number one suggestion that I want to make to any new portrait artist is to not paint the whites of the eyes or the teeth white! It can be so tempting to do but it can truly hurt a painting to make this mistake. It will give the portrait more of a cartoon effect rather than capturing ... READ the POST

Paint what you see, not what you think you see.

Painting what you see seems pretty straightforward, but it's amazing how much of a challenge it can actually be. Our brains want to take over and force us to start painting things the way that we have always thought they looked instead of what's in front of us. Let me explain this a little ... READ the POST

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