A Beautiful Weekend of Worship and Art

I had the amazing opportunity this past weekend  to participate in Ecclesia Houston’s first worship service in it’s  new building.   I was asked to do a worship painting during each of the services.  Painting during church may sound strange to you if you are only familiar with traditional services but it’s common practice at my church.  You see we are a random group of misfits and creatives who love Jesus and strive to worship Him in unique and beautiful ways.   This service was special and long awaited.    I knew God was going to use me for something great and He did.

When I paint during services, I try to capture the main theme that our pastor is speaking on.    This week, it came as no surprise that the message was about Jesus.   Chris talked about how Jesus is the most important figure in history and has shaped all creation.   There is something so captivating about him that even non-believers are drawn to his teachings.    As our church community looks forward to a new and beautiful beginning in our new space, we must stay reminded of what is most important.   I chose to paint this butterfly for it’s wonder symbolization.   It signifies transformation and a new beginning.    The Creator’s hand is full of light that radiates  from within.    We as a body of believers can be transformed by living in this light and sharing it with the world.

It’s pretty common that at the end of the service, someone will ask me  if they can purchase the painting.   My response is always Yes!    I use the proceeds from the paintings I create to help support my friends in Haiti.    I have a very good friend named Connie who started a mission in Haiti about 10 years ago and is now caring for about 20 orphaned children.    This weekend we raised enough money to pay the school tuition for 14 of them!    God is good all the time!

Photos by Deji Osinulu Photography


2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Weekend of Worship and Art

  1. Haitian Helping Haitian Organization has been so blessed with the friendship and support that Ali has given us, but most of all the love she has shown Haiti and the children is amazing. Knowing how the Lord holds on to her paint brush and leads her while she paints is so inspiring to all. I am so lucky to have her in my life and as the HHHO children say it “God is good all the time. All the time God is good” Love you Ali Connie

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