10 Gifts For The Artsy Mom

Is your mom an artist? I know just what she wants! Here are my picks!

1. Golden Fluid Acrylics

These paints are incredible. They have super strong pigments so you they last a long time. Here are my absolute favorite colors that I know your mom will love!

Quinacridone Magenta

Permanent Violet Dark

Phthalo Blue Green Shade

Phthalo Green Blue Shade

2. Prismacolor Stix

These great little tools are basically the inside of a colored pencil with no wood. They last a really long time and don’t break. My favorite thing about them is that they can be included in an acrylic painting. They have the look of a chalky pastel but they don’t rub off! They can also be tinted unlike oil pastels! They are super fun and your Artsy Mom probably doesn’t have them yet!

3. Wood Art Panels

I love having a stack of wood panels on hand ready for when the inspiration strikes. 8″x 8″ is a great size and if you get them when Hobby Lobby has them half off (which is every other week) they are only $4!

4. Plastic Pallets

This one is my pick from Hobby Lobby. I like it because you can peal the paint right off when it dries!

5. Modern Masters Metal Effects Kit

These are reactive paints that oxidize in a matter of minutes and turn beautiful colors of rust and patina! They can be used on anything from picture frames, light fixtures, to fine art pieces! I LOVE these!

6. Personal Portrait Starter Kit from Ali Kay

Would your mom love to start painting portraits of her grandchildren or other loved ones but she’s a little intimidated to get started? These kits give your artist mom the instruction and traceable template she might need to get started painting her own personal portrait!

7. Zenso Creative Club

This monthly membership program gives your mom access to over 15 online art workshops from many different instructors for only $29! I have 3 courses in the club!

8. Modern Masters Metallic Paints

Modern Masters recently released some incredible new jewel toned colors that Mom probably doesn’t have in her collection yet!

9. Mini Floral Painting by Ali Kay

Artists always appreciate Art! All my floral paintings are currently 10% off in my Etsy Shop through Mother’s Day!

10. New Apron

My apron is getting pretty covered in paint! Even if your mom already has an apron, I’m sure she would appreciate a nice fresh one.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible Moms out there!

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