Hi!  I’m Ali! 

I’m a painter of all things but I really enjoy creating natural scenes and capturing the beauty in people.  I have had a paint brush in my hand since I was a toddler.

 I know that artists find their creative voice at all different stages in life.  For me, I knew from the very beginning that this is what I was created to do.

I received my first commission when I was 11,  a portrait for my 6th grade teacher of his daughter and grandchild.   He paid me $20.   I thought I had won the lottery.   I took every art class my high school offered by the end of my second year so they sent me over to the local university.   I was the only 16 year old in Art 101 but I loved it!   I went on to study fine art when I actually became college age, and at the same time, I founded my mural painting business Positive Space.  I’ve painted more walls, ceilings, and floors than I can count over the course of my 18 year career as an artist.

About 6 years ago I dove into teaching art.   I was invited to teach at several conventions across the country and as a result, artists started asking to come to my studio to study with me.   I now open my doors about 5 times a year to artists from all over to take my 2-3 day workshops.   It was only a matter of time before the demand for online classes would send me down that path.   I am thrilled to now be reaching students globally!  It’s always fun to actually meet my students in person, but having the chance to connect though our private Facebook group for online students is the next best thing.   Nothing gets me more excited than to check in with the group and see my students posting their results from a course.   I get so many messages about how these classes have helped them find a new passion or get back to doing something they love.    It’s really a gift to be able to have this impact.

 I have so many ideas spinning around in my head all the time, things I want to paint, techniques I want to share, and products I want to experiment with.   I love that I get to share this with you and hopefully inspire you too! 

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