Hello Chattanooga!

ImageThe new Positive Space studio is up and running in Chattanooga, TN!  This scenic city has a great appreciation for the arts and is home to  numerous galleries and art festivals.   Positive Space is now located inside of Chattanooga Workspace, a recently renovated building housing over 25 separate artist studios.    It has been great to meet and collaborate with the many talented artists representing  a variety of  unique art forms.   Image


Starting a New Chapter

For the last two and a half years my husband and I have called Houston TX home. I am proud to say that Positive Space has thrived here and I have had the honor to work with many talented designers and wonderful clients. It’s time to start a new chapter and I am relocating my decorative painting company to Chattanooga TN. I will still be working on projects in Houston through the end of the year. If you are interested in a project, there is a chance I can do it before I move but contact me soon! I will be opening a studio in Chattanooga in early 2013 and I can certainly still work with my TX clients. Fine art commissions and murals can be easily shipped and installed onsite. I will also still come back for larger jobs. I want to thank everyone in Houston for being so welcoming and for making my company so successful here!

Ali Kay

Positive Space wins both awards for Best Wall Treatment at the 2012 ASID awards!

We are very pleased to announce that Positive Space received both the winning award and the honorable mention for the Best Wall Treatment at the 2012 ASID awards!   You can look for these two projects in the latest issue of Houston Design Resource Magazine!


Here is a closer look at the award winning projects!

The inspiration for this barrel ceiling mural came from the ancient frescoes in  the Roman house of Livia Drusilla.   The intent for this project was to imitate the ancient style and  composition  used at  Villa Livia, while creating a work that is truly unique and fitting for the client’s distinct  ceiling feature.    Metallic gold plaster was used as a base for the  mystical landscape.   As layers of thin paint were added,   the imagery was distressed giving it  a look of  timeworn elegance.

The walls are the focal point of this whimsical, elegant powder room.   Large scale tulip blossoms are scattered throughout the room stretching across paneling  and a doorway.    The captivating walls seem to come alive in this unique  space.   The antique dresser, once belonging  to the client’s grandmother, is fitted with a hand painted sink which served as the inspiration for the mural.  Traditional artist oil paint was  utilized  in this project which gave the mural it’s luscious rich color


Thank you to the American Society of Interior Designers  for this honor and thank you to my wonderful clients who allowed me to  use their homes as my canvas!

A Beautiful Weekend of Worship and Art

I had the amazing opportunity this past weekend  to participate in Ecclesia Houston’s first worship service in it’s  new building.   I was asked to do a worship painting during each of the services.  Painting during church may sound strange to you if you are only familiar with traditional services but it’s common practice at my church.  You see we are a random group of misfits and creatives who love Jesus and strive to worship Him in unique and beautiful ways.   This service was special and long awaited.    I knew God was going to use me for something great and He did.

When I paint during services, I try to capture the main theme that our pastor is speaking on.    This week, it came as no surprise that the message was about Jesus.   Chris talked about how Jesus is the most important figure in history and has shaped all creation.   There is something so captivating about him that even non-believers are drawn to his teachings.    As our church community looks forward to a new and beautiful beginning in our new space, we must stay reminded of what is most important.   I chose to paint this butterfly for it’s wonder symbolization.   It signifies transformation and a new beginning.    The Creator’s hand is full of light that radiates  from within.    We as a body of believers can be transformed by living in this light and sharing it with the world.

It’s pretty common that at the end of the service, someone will ask me  if they can purchase the painting.   My response is always Yes!    I use the proceeds from the paintings I create to help support my friends in Haiti.    I have a very good friend named Connie who started a mission in Haiti about 10 years ago and is now caring for about 20 orphaned children.    This weekend we raised enough money to pay the school tuition for 14 of them!    God is good all the time!

Photos by Deji Osinulu Photography

Vintage Charm

The artwork for this room was inspired by vintage transportation posters.   The clients wanted something that would  be fun for their young son but they also wanted the room to be stylish and unique.  I worked with Houston Designer Peggy Hull from Creative Touch Interiors on this project.  The artwork created for the space fits her design selections  so well.   We considered many different poster designs, but eventually decided that we loved this large train and airplane.   They murals were painted on large pieces of hardboard and they were installed and trimmed out with the black decorative molding.   Painting murals offsite is always a nice idea for children’s rooms, because they can be easily moved or changed out as the child grows.  Although, I’m sure that this room will be loved by a lucky little boy for many years to come!