A Healthy Body of Art

It’s January and everyone is on a health kick so I thought I’d join the crowd, at least in what I’m painting! I’m not sure if this counts in making me any healthier, but I’m feeling pretty good about it! Of course I’d certainly benefit from using that gym membership a few more times that I pay for each month but any working mom can relate that finding the time is not always easy.

So back to the art. I started a new series of still life paintings featuring fruits and vegetables and I’m loving it! I decided that this was going to be the year of working small and painting a lot so I am cranking them out. I’ve also used these beauties as research for my new online workshop, The Lively Still Life 1. This class is now available as part of the Zenso Creative Club monthly bundle. It’s been fun to switch gears and subject matter and experiment with composition and color.

Has this inspired me to eat healthier? Maybe a little. I think at least a few of these little pieces will make their way onto me kitchen walls. I don’t have a lot of wall space in my kitchen so the their 8″x 8″ size might work out just right.

Sometimes we think in order to start a new painting or a new series we need to have everything in order, with the perfect image, supplies, set up and amount of time to paint. This series is teaching me that that is ridiculous. Grab, some veggies out of your fridge, take a photo and get started! There are certainly ways to make your piece the most successful and I lay those out in this new workshop, but the most important thing is to just get started. Most of these paintings were done in about a hour. I think there is something just magical about going from a blank white panel to a brand new work of art in minutes! I could have continued working on each of these for a full day and added more and more detail but I think that might have ruined them. Its the fresh loose strokes and dramatic color that make them successful.

I hope you love these as much as I do and hopefully they will inspire you to paint more and maybe even eat a little healthier!

You can check out my new online workshop The Lively Still Life 1 HERE! This class is valued at $250 and you can access it for a limited time for only $29 a month. Work at your own pace and cancel anytime!

Here’s a peak inside this new class!